Samsung Dex sound fix on the HP Elite X3 Lapdock

The HP Elite X3 Lapdock might have been designed to work with the well ahead of its time HP X3 Windows phone, but it makes an almost perfect Dex accessory.

Here’s a quick look at what Dex is

Everything works ok on the lapdock, except some shuttering when watching videos whether local or streaming. Follow the steps below for a fix, that improves performance dramatically.


The HP lapdock seems to work with the Note 10. The main thing with the Note 10 seems to be letting the lapdock fully boot before you plug in your USB-C cable.

Option 1:

With the phone plugged into the LapDock and Samsung Dex working, hold the power and battery indicator button together until the unit restarts. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S10 variant you will have to have something playing in the background as you plug your phone in for the Hp Lapdock to detect it properly.

After the unit restarts right click on the sound setting on the bottom and select “Display Sound”.

Option 2:

Start Dex on the lapdock and check if youtube videos are playing normally. If not:

  • go to Settings on your phone
  • click on “Sounds and vibration”
  • scroll down and click on “Advanced sound settings”
  • click “Separate app sound”
  • turn the feature on
  • if you get prompted with selecting an app, just pick Youtube from the list.
  • at this point, you might receive a notification prompting you to change the audio output
  • click on change

Following these steps should allow you to be able to use the lapdock as intended.

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