Asus Vivo RT Windows 8 install image

The Asus Vivo RT is a great tablet for the price. I used it as a thin client and a terminal client extensively.

If you own an Asus Vivo RT and lost the recovery image, you can download it here. This is the original Windows 8 RT image (not 8.1) for the Asus Vivo RT.

Below is a list of apps that have been recompiled to run on a jailbroken Windows 8 RT tablet. Keep in mind that some of these might not be available anymore and that you might need to register to download some of them.

The first thing needed is to create is a USB recovery drive. You can do that by following the steps in the post here.

Once the bootable USB drive is created, unzip the downloaded file and paste the files inside the vivort folder to the root of the USB driver, overwriting everything if needed.

To start the recovery, turn off your Asus Vivo RT.
To start the device in Recovery mode hold Volume Down while you press the Power Button, you will get prompted by a blue recovery screen.
On the recovery screen, we select Troubleshoot and then the Reset Device option. Complete the rest of the setup and you’ll have a working Asus Vivo RT tablet running Windows 8 that is jail-breakable.

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